Vista SP1

Windows Vista SP1 was known to be in the hands of testers just a few weeks ago, and much like XP SP3 it has been leaked in full form on the file sharing networks. Microsoft was actually pretty smart by making the general public cringe at the idea of installing a leaked copy of Vista SP1. Why? They only offered it to testers as a full 3.1GB Vista installation instead of as a standalone update. That way they were able to make the operating system expire by the middle of next year, and that is enough reason for me (and others as well) not to try it.

Everyone that has tried Vista SP1 have all said the same thing: it’s faster. When checking the Add/Remove Programs screen people noticed that Vista SP1 had four updates installed. Unfortunately there is no documentation on Microsoft’s sites regarding these updates, so there is little information available. APC Magazine was able to scrounge up a few details by browsing through the Windows Registry of Vista SP1:

  • Service Pack for Microsoft Windows (KB936330) – Has 133 packages most of which are for backend services. This is probably what fixes a majority of the performance issues.
  • Service Pack for Microsoft Windows (KB937286) – Contains 28 packages.
  • Hotfix for Microsoft Windows (KB937287) – Contains 1 package pertaining to Vista imaging.
  • Update for Microsoft Windows (KB938371) – Contains 3 packages.

JCXP has assembled a small gallery if you still feel the urge to see some uneventful screenshots. One interesting thing is that Microsoft revamped the Vista NOGUI Boot Screen with one that looks a little more refreshing:

Vista SP1 NOGUI Bootscreen

Hopefully we’ll be seen a public Beta soon of Vista SP1 that can be used without completely reinstalling the operating system, but until then the Vista Performance and Compatibility Packs have made a significant speed difference when transferring files between computers. That’s enough to get me by until Vista SP1. :)