Vista on Linux I was playing with Suse 10.2 Alpha 4 today and was trying to get some of the XGL/Compiz working. When I started to search for some documentation I stumbled upon these themes that someone has made to make Linux look like Vista.

Now it doesn’t do the whole taskbar and everything so it is primarily the border around the windows, but it is cool nonetheless. Here are some of the other things that it has:

  • Vista-Compiz cgwd theme
  • Vista-Classic cgwd theme
  • NeoVista-Compiz cgwd theme
  • GFXBoot theme
  • Logon Splash theme
  • Ghostcool’s GDM theme
  • Aero mouse cursor theme
  • Vista-Wallpaper
  • NeoVista-Wallpaper
  • Aero Icons theme
  • LiNsta GTK2 theme
  • Firefox Vista theme
  • FoneBone’s Mozilla Thunderbird theme

Now if I ever get Compiz working maybe I can try to get this up too… ;)