Vista Transformation Pack

The Vista Transformation Pack (VTP) for Windows XP has become very popular and version 6 is right around the corner. The developer estimates its release to be around Christmas (December 25) and it will have several great features that people have been requesting all along:

  • No more system files replacement issues, no more safemode.
  • Partially x64 support (Well, I intended to make system files patching for x64 also but it’s too much of pain for me replacing each icon resources without more handy apps so only vista stuffs like themes, wallpapers, etc. for now).
  • Machine configuration (Adjust your monitor for more compatible resources.
  • Application tweaks (Vista MCE, Task manager, dial-up connection, etc…).
  • More applications bundled (VistaTooltip, Start orb emulation, Styler and thoosje’s brand new SideBar, etc.).

If you have used the transformation pack before then you probably know how cool it looks. However, there has been a lot of uninstallation problems in the past where the users uninstall the VTP and not everything returns to normal. That is the biggest issue I would like to see resolved in this release.

You can impress a lot of people by using the Vista Transformation Pack and several people really thought I was running Vista back when I had this installed. If you don’t want to wait until December to try out the new VTP you can download VTP 5.5 right now.