Vista Transformation Pack 8
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It’s another big milestone for Windows XP/2003 users! Vista Transformation Pack 8 ( VTP 8 ) was just released, and it will bring even more of the Vista finesse that you know and love without the hefty upgrade price tag. One of the most notable changes is the ability to use the “Aero Glass” without needing WindowBlinds. It still doesn’t have any blur effects, but maybe a future version of VTP will support WindowBlinds 6 with the blurring?

One of the other pretty cool additions is the free WinFlip application, which clones the Flip3D task switcher from Vista. It is quite amazing all of the things that they are able to cram into VTP, and how Vista-like it truly is. Here are some other stuff that should make VTP users happy with this release:

  • The hotfix issue that many people were having has been fixed…no more workaround needed!
  • Vista Transformation Pack 8 will detect the target machine and suggest a setup configuration.
  • Updated many of the bundled applications, including Vista Sidebar, ViStart, ViOr, and VisualTooltip.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

If you’re itching to make your Windows XP or Windows 2003 look more like Vista then this is a great opportunity. One thing that I do recommend is that you create a System Restore Point before proceeding. That way if you decide not to keep Vista Transformation Pack 8 installed you’ll easily be able to revert back to before you skinned Windows. It does have an uninstaller, but sometimes it doesn’t work 100% like you would expect.

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