For Windows Vista Ultimate users, the extras that were promised have turned into the Ultimate Disappointment. A premium price was paid to get these “extras”, yet only four have been released so far and the promise that they made to deliver the remaining 20 language packs by the end of Summer was just broken as Fall began yesterday. In July when the Ultimate Extras team finally spoke up after being silent for all too long, they said that over the next couple of years they intended to deliver more extras to their users and they were “confident [they] will delight our passionate Windows Vista Ultimate Users.” With the inability to deliver on their first promise, will they be able to deliver extras over the next few years?

After seeing the changes that Microsoft made to the Windows Ultimate Extras information in the control panel applet for the Vista SP1 Pre-Release compared to what it currently is in Vista, it’s obvious they’re trying to down-play these extras. Currently in Vista there’s all kinds of information talking about the programs that would be available only to Ultimate users, and services that “can help you tailor your computing experience to your digital lifestyle.” In Vista SP1 Pre-Release, they simply give a brief explanation of what Ultimate extras are. See for yourself:

Vista Ultimate Extras

I think it’s safe to say that Vista Ultimate is a bust. Microsoft had great intentions but have been unable to deliver. I’m also thinking that this will be the last time that Microsoft will sell something at a premium price and promise future extras to be delivered that justify the price.

Source: I Started Something