Microsoft is apparently making a Vista Ultimate Signature Edition available for the first 20,000 people looking to pick up a copy of the upgrade version on Amazon. They don’t actually say how many copies they do have on hand, but the image that they made available of the packaging shows that they print your “serial number” on the box, which is out of 20,000. Amazon might not be the exclusive seller of this packaging so the quantities might be truly limited.

So what’s so special about it? Do they engrave your name into the DVD or does the package play the Windows startup sound when you open the case? Nope…It just has Bill Gates’ signature wonderfully printed on the front. If you’re dying to get your hands on this case it will run you an extra $9 totaling $259 for the upgrade version (you must be the owner of Windows XP in order to upgrade). You can still buy the normal upgrade edition for $249.99 from Amazon but then you won’t be able to commemorate this milestone!

So now the real question arises…how long do you think it will be until someone gets their hands on every type of packaging and then tries to sell them on eBay? Not only that, but how much do you think some crazy person would pay just for the packaging (a.k.a. no Windows DVD included)? I think I am almost afraid to find out. ;)

News Source: Neowin