Vista Virtual esktops

Back in July we created a screencast of a great freeware app called Vista Virtual Desktops that made use of Vista’s advanced Aero interface. The program has since gotten a much requested upgrade which includes support for the Windows XP operating system.

The version for XP isn’t quite the same as the one for Vista, and the largest difference is that Vista’s shows live previews of the windows. Of course, I’ve had problems getting the live previews to show up after they’ve been moved off of the current desktop, as seen in the screenshot above, so XP users shouldn’t feel that they’re missing out much from that aspect.

There are some other changes as well, such as support for unique backgrounds on each virtual desktop:

  • XP support
  • Better support for per-desktop background pictures (turned off by default)
  • Major bug fixes
  • Per-desktop tray icons change color to show activation
  • "Send Window to Desktop X" keyboard hotkeys (Ctrl+Win+Numpad 1…9 by default)
  • Win + Up and down arrow keys now move up and down in the desktop list

Note: I haven’t tried this out myself on XP, but I’d have to imagine that it’s pretty much the same as the Vista version. If you try this out on XP let us know how it goes.

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