The Google PageRank is a ranking of websites on a scale from 1 to 10 with only a few prestige sites able to earn the perfect 10. Google only updates a site’s PageRank a few times a year and when they do people get excited to see if their sites are going to get ranked any higher. I check it every now and then but since I don’t have the Google Toolbar installed I will normally use this online checker.

PageRank Checker

Every page on your site isn’t going to be ranked the same though. If you don’t want to check all of the pages individually you can use this Visual PageRank Checker that will give you a hand in doing the work. It still won’t check every single page on your site but it does check every single link on the URL that you supply to it and displays it just as if it was on your site. Sites that link to a different URL other than your own are still checked but they are marked with an “EX” on the end of the image to represent an external site.

While you are at that site feel free to browse the other assorted developer tools that they have to offer. I did notice that if you don’t create an account they limit you to 5 queries per hour. With how much CPU usage that Visual PageRank Checker must take up along with the other tools this is certainly a fair limitation…especially since the accounts don’t cost anything to create.