Vizu iTunes Poll Before I started using our own polling software on the site I checked out Vizu, because they had a nice interface for embedding polls on any site. They just didn’t let me customize it as much as I would have liked though, so I opted for hosting my own polling system. That way it was easy for me to make up my own polls and I could truly customize the appearance.

Lately, on at least 4 of the blogs that I visit there have been polls that are embedded in the site to make the author money. This is done by Vizu Answers and is actually a very smart way for website publishers to earn a little extra money. I’m not quite sure how much money can be made by using this but right now, on all four sites, they are displaying the same “Do you use iTunes?” poll. There needs to be a variety of polls available so that people don’t see the same one on every site because once you vote, no matter which site you’re on, it will show up that you have already voted on all the rest of the sites.

The Vizu Answers isn’t something that I’m going to do here because I want to have my own fun with the polls, but don’t be surprised if you start seeing this kind of advertising popup all over the place. So far the current poll that I have posted has more than 450 votes which is really awesome. I’ll continue to switch out the poll once or twice a week after it looks like the voting has died down a little so if you have anything you would like asked just post it in the comments below!