Volume Level

Several weeks ago we wrote about a free app called 3RVX that would provide an on-screen volume level indicator so that when you change the volume on your machine you’ll be able to see in more detail the level it is set to. It was a pretty basic program, and as one of our commenters pointed out (thanks Bob L!) there is a much better alternative available. The app is called Volume2.

There is a significant difference between 3RVX and Volume2. The Volume2 app is highly configurable and includes a wide range of quality skins that you can choose from. Personally I’ve stuck with the default theme that I snapped in the screenshot above, but it comes bundled with 10 different ones you can pick from.

One of my favorite features is the ability to have it adjust the volume using the scroll wheel on your mouse, but you can restrict it to when the cursor is in a certain position on the screen. For example, I’m using the default setting which will let you change the volume by placing your cursor of the Taskbar and scrolling with your mouse. If you don’t like that you can disable it all together, or change it so that the volume changes using the scroll wheel only when the cursor is over the System Tray icon, over the Desktop, over a Window Caption bar, and more.

There is a portable version of Volume2 available in case you want to give it a shot without actually installing anything (or if you’re on a machine where you can’t install programs). It uses just 3MB of memory when running so it’s very light on resources, and if you’re constantly adjusting the volume on your computer this is something I’m sure you’ll love. Give it a shot, and make sure you flip through all of the settings when you first open it so that you can take advantage of everything it has to offer.

Volume2 Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)