Just like last year, Amazon is running their “Amazon Customers Vote” event in which customers browse through six rounds of different products priced at insanely low prices, and then vote for the product they’d want to buy. Whichever product wins each round with the most customer votes will be sold randomly to people who voted for the item. Each item that is chosen will have a specific buying date in which the lucky random “winners” can purchase the product at the given price.

amazon customers vote

Here’s what they’ve got:

  • Round 1 (Buying Day 11/22) *Note: Voting for Round 1 has ended
    • Nintendo Wii for $79 (1,000 units available)
    • PlayStation 3 (40GB) for $319 (1,000 units available)
    • Xbox 360 Arcade for $219 (1,000 units available
  • Round 2 (Buying Day 11/23)
    • Panasonic L1 7.5 MP DSLR w/ Leica Lens for $499 (500 units available)
    • Panasonic SD-1 High-Definition Camcorder for $299 (300 units available)
    • Panasonic FX-30 7MP w/ 3.6x OIS Zoom for $74 (500 units available)
  • Round 3 (Buying Day 11/24)
    • Jakks EyeClops Bionic Eye for $14 (1,000 units available)
    • LeapFrog ClickStart My First Computer for $17 (1,000 units available)
    • Razor E100 Electric Scooter for $29 (1,000 units available)
  • Round 4 (Buying Day 11/26)
    • Samsung BD-P1400 1080p Blu-ray Disc Player for $149 (500 units available)
    • Toshiba HD- A35 1080p HD DVD Player for $149 (500 units available)
    • TiVo HD Digital Video Recorder for $89 (500 units available)
  • Round 5 (Buying Day 11/27)
    • HP Pavilion TX1305US 12.1″ Notebook PC for $299 (250 units available)
    • Magellan Maestro 3140 Portable Auto GPS System for $99 (500 units available)
    • Platinum Diamond Stud Earrings (1 cttw, I-J Color, I1-I2 Clarity) for $499 (100 units available)
  • Round 6 (Buying Day 11/28)
    • Samsung LNT 4661F 46″ 1080p LCD HDTV for $719 (200 units available)
    • KitchenAid Pro 600 Series Stand Mixer for $69 (500 units available)
    • iRobot Roomba 4110 Robotic Vacuum for $69 (500 units available)

Some of those prices are pretty amazing, aren’t they? Like the Samsung 46″ LCD HDTV for $719 when it is priced originally at $1,749! That’s one heck of a deal. And the Wii for $79 bucks? You can’t beat that!

There area few things you should keep in mind though, and that is that you’re only eligible to win a product that you voted for. That means if a product wins that you didn’t vote for, you won’t be able to be chosen to purchase it. You also can’t change your vote, once you’ve voted, that’s what you have to stick with. The last important thing to keep in mind is that you have to return to the site on the buying day for each round (which I list above) to see if you won. If you did, you’ll have to checkout soon because they won’t hold the item for you.

As a side note, could this Amazon Customers Vote event be giving us an idea of who’s ahead in the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD battle? A Blu-ray player and a HD DVD player are both available for $149, yet 42% of the votes (currently) are for the HD DVD player while Blu-ray only has 23% of the votes. Hmmmmm…

What are you waiting for? Go vote!