Zune On Walmart.com I have been wondering how much Microsoft’s Zune media player was going to cost but it looks like Wal-Mart is answering that question for me. The pricetag that they placed on it early this afternoon appears to be $284 but they have since removed the cost. The product page is still available if you want to read about the details they have listed and I would say it is worth it for $284.

Despite it only having a 30GB hard drive, which fails in comparison to the iPod’s 80GB, it would still be really nice to have wireless capabilities along with the FM tuner. I think the only way Apple could really come out fighting this one would be by releasing a “widescreen” iPod with a virtual click wheel. They need to acquire a unique feature that people can’t find in their competition’s media players, just like Microsoft is doing with the Zune.

One thing that I did learn from Wal-Mart’s product page on the Zune was that you’ll be able to view the screen in either landscape or portrait mode. That is something I kinda assumed you could do but I had not read anywhere whether that was a sure thing.

News Source: Engadget
Thanks for the tip Jason!