walmart boots gos Wal-Mart has decided to call it quits on selling the gPC in stores, which is the ultra-cheap $199 desktop computer that debuted last year. A Wal-Mart spokeswoman said that it “really wasn’t what our customers were looking for,” and I think I understand what she was trying to say. What probably ended up happening with the people who bought it was that they expected all of their Windows apps to run on it, but when they got home and got it setup they found out that it was running the Linux gOS. Obviously this would provide a lot of limitations especially if a user specifically bought Windows software at the store thinking that it would run on the machine. They probably got an exceptionally large amount of these returned to the store for that reason.

Wal-Mart isn’t discontinuing the machine all together though. They are still going to sell it online for the low $199 price, but I’m guessing they won’t be flying off the shelf like they were in the store.

I went searching around Wal-Mart’s site and found that they actually have a pretty low budget Vista machine available. That’s $278 for a Vista Basic machine with twice the memory (1GB) of the gPC that’s being pulled from the store shelves. Depending on what you value the extra RAM at this is quite a steal, and is likely more what their customers would be looking for.

[via Yahoo News]