EverexBloat-free seems to be a new trend these days, first with Dell offering an option to opt-out of some of the unnecessary “stuff” and now with Wal-Mart’s new budget computer. With back-to-school shopping season just around the corner, Wal-Mart’s decision to sell a PC for under $300 is simply smart.

Yep, that’s right, a computer for under $300. Of course this isn’t for the intensive user, it’s for the user who just needs a computer for word-processing, Internet access, and email. In other-words, this is one of the most affordable, basic options for a student.

The bloat-free computer is an Everex IMPACT GC3502 that will come with Windows Vista Home Basic installed, as well as OpenOffice.org version 2.2. I can’t think of a better way to introduce open source software than to put OpenOffice.org on a computer geared towards students.

Eugene Chang, Everex product manager said, “In creating the eco-friendly GC3602, our main focus was to build a no-compromise, back-to-school PC with all the software applications a typical student would require, without resorting to bundling frivolous trial versions or increasing prices 30 percent.”


  • 1.5 GHz VIA C7 CPU
  • 1 GB of DDR-2 SD RAM
  • 80 GB hard drive
  • DVD burner

I just checked Wal-Mart’s website, and the computer isn’t available quite yet, but it will be shortly.

Source: ARS

Walmart reviewsWal-Mart Customer Reviews and Ratings

In other Wal-Mart news, they’ve just added customer reviews and ratings to their site so people can rate the products that they have purchased. The reviews are based upon a five-star system, and the purchaser gives an overall rating along with a rating of the value for price paid, and whether or not the item met expectations.

Source: 901am