If you thought the Toshiba HD DVD Player that Wal-Mart started selling for $198 was a good deal, just wait, it gets even better. It appears that Wal-Mart is starting their day-after-Thanksgiving sale a little early. On Friday (November 2nd) starting at 8 am, they’ll be offering a bunch of “secret in-store specials.” Among them are that Toshiba HD DVD player we mentioned the other day for $98.87. To boot, they’ve got select HD DVDs for $14.96 each. Can you believe it? A name-brand HD DVD player for under $100 dollars! It sounds like the HD DVD camp just might get a boost over the coming week or two.

walmart specials

Also in the news regarding HD DVD is that Kmart is going HD-DVD Exclusive, well, except for selling the PS3 (and yes,there are still Kmart’s around — not many, but they’re there!). Not that many people flock to Kmart to get their electronics, but Kmart has decided that Toshiba’s HD-A2 player for $200 is more along the line of what their customers will want. Given that Sears is Kmart’s parent company, it leaves me wondering whether or not they will also go HD DVD exclusive.

Going back to Wal-Mart’s early black Friday sale, they’ll also have a Sanyo 50 inch Plasma HDTV for $998, and an Acer laptop with 1GB of RAM for $348. Are any of you planning to set-up camp outside Wally World tonight?

Source: Gizmodo