Take a look at the photo below. Notice anything? It’s a little blurry, but what you’re looking at is an end-cap at a Wal-Mart store which has 18 Toshiba A2 HD DVD players selling for $198! Yes, that’s the same player which was selling for $399 back in April, and currently retailing for $299.

Toshiba HD DVD Player

This photo originally came from the AVS Forum where the person who took the picture says that these players are scheduled to start selling all over the nation on November 3rd. Some Wal-Marts are already selling them as people have confirmed, and it’s reported that each store will get 18 units to start with.

So what does this mean for HD DVD? I’ve read some comments saying that this is “rock bottom” and that everybody should get one while it lasts. Others are happy that a name-brand player is so affordable. Will this ultimately help HD DVD in their battle with Sony’s BluRay? If the recent release of Transformers on HD DVD is any indication, the answer is no.  Despite the fact that sales of Transformers on HD DVD have been outstanding, BluRay is still selling more discs.

Sources: Engadget and BetaNews