Wall Scaling HUMVEE by Sharper Image

For $80 you can get your kid the gift they have always dreamed of, and you have always dreaded. This HUMVEE from Sharper Image will scale up any wall at a roaring 3300 rpm. Their claim of “totally safe” only seems to apply for ruining wallpaper, but what about it falling off of the wall and hitting a kid in the face? Guess they forgot about that part.

Specifications from Sharper Image:

  • Drive this remote-controlled HUMVEE to the base of any wall and this intrepid machine climbs right up!
  • A conveyor-belt of wheels combines with an incredibly powerful fan that pulls air through front and rear vents to create 3300 rpm of wall-climbing suction.
  • Works on any vertical surface that is smooth! The pneumatic technology is totally safe ? no need to worry about tread tracks on the wallpaper.
  • Exclusive desert camouflage finish.

If you would like to get it, then you can go to the Sharper Image site to purchase it.