MotherloadThis week, for some odd reason, I have been into playing games online. It started with ping pong and then I found a whole suite of simple games that I couldn’t get enough of. I have never been much of a gamer but you could say that I graduated from those simple games and I am moving on to the more “advanced” ones.

The site that I came across this time is Miniclip. The selection of games is simply incredible: PowerBoatMotocross, Pool, and much more! My absolute favorite would have to be Motherload though. It is an action game where you control a mining machine and go digging for minerals. It sounds simple enough but you have to remember to keep a full tank of gas and you’ll need to trade in your minerals for cash so that you can keep on re-fueling and upgrading.

Upgrades and repairs are available but you might want to get the hang of the game first before worrying about those too much. When you start to run out of fuel I have also found it to be very beneficial to have a straight path to the surface, otherwise you’ll get lost in your own maze of mining holes. I noticed that the gas tank runs out very fast so I saved up some money and that was the first thing that I upgraded. Then I got a better drill so that the machine would go mine a little faster.

Motherload also lets you save your game but if you it will start your score over. I highly recommend that you do save it though because it will get frustrating when you are doing so well with upgrades and end up dying (it happened to me many times). It isn’t always about the high score, sometimes it is more fun to get further in the game. :)