Want To Get That Pesky 'X' Off Of The Firefox 2 Tabs?

Many people have been talking about how much they dislike having the ‘X’ on each tab in the new Firefox 2 Alpha 1 that was just released. Just like how there was an extension to get the ‘X’ on the tabs, there is now an extension to get rid of the ‘X’! Now, if you only want to get rid of the ‘X’ and do nothing else then the extension below called “Tab No X” is what you are looking for.

However, if you would like a whole set of tab features then go for the “Tab Mix Plus”. This will also give you the option to remove the ‘X’ from each tab along with many other features such as saving your sessions and controlling how tabs are opened. The link below is where you can find the developer version of the extension which is compatible with Firefox 2. I have been using this extension for months and I can’t imagine Firefox without it.

Still wondering how you can get the rest of your extensions to work? Well, then you might need to get the Nightly Tester Tool extension which allows you to install incompatible extensions. This DOES NOT guarantee that all of your extensions will work but it will allow you to use them. It also works for themes and such so that you can try to setup this Alpha build just like you have your original Firefox.

Tab Mix Plus Developer Version
Tab No X
Nightly Tester Tool