The Ultimate Bathtub

After a hard day of work, don’t you just wish that you could come home to the perfect bath, kick back and relax while it does everything for you. Now you can with the ultimate bathtub from iHouse. Not only will it do it for you, but you can have it do it while you are at work. That’s right! You can control this bathtub from the Internet. You can select the water level, temperature, and light intensity all from the comfort of your web browser. Amazing, when you are done with your bath, it will drain and clean itself using detergent. To help take away every care in the world it will massage you with its customizable jet system. Now, for those with heart problems you may think that you can’t use such a system, but don’t fear…they have a solution for you too! The bathtub will keep track of your vital statistics, and if something is not normal then it will contact tech support for you (whom will then contact the hospital I hope!). You can get all of this for only $10,000.

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