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A nifty little program called Amazon Watcher can save you from those “if only I was a little faster” moments. What it can do is watch any item on Amazon, and then notify you when the price has dropped or when an item becomes available. When one of those things happen the application can bring up the Amazon page in your browser, send you an email, or automatically order a specified quantity given that you’re willing to provide it with your Amazon credentials.

There are a variety of situations where this can be helpful:

  • Trying to find something that no one seems to have in stock, such as a Wii console.
  • Waiting for a price drop, such as on the Xbox 360.
  • Keeping an eye out for price drops after you’ve bought an item. Remember, if the price drops in 30-days you can get a refund of the difference.

One thing that would probably be cool for Amazon Watcher to include would be a way to view/graph the price history for however long you decide to watch an item. That way you’d be able to see when the price has changed, and by how much. Trends like this can help determine when the right time to buy is.

After using it for just a few minutes I have to say that it’s rather impressive. It supports all 6 Amazon international stores, and runs on both Windows and Mac machines.

Amazon Watcher [via gHacks]