Netflix subscribers and Windows Vista Media Center users now have at their disposal an awesome plug-in that is available as a public beta.  It’s hard to believe that this hasn’t been done before (at least to my knowledge) because it’s extremely useful. The biggest and most useful feature for most of you will be the fact that the MyNetflix plug-in adds “Watch Now” support to Media Center.  That means you can stream the Watch Now movies in Media Center, removing the need to use the Netflix application. Cool, huh?

Like I said, the Watch Now feature is probably the one that will make you want to download the plug-in, but it does offer additional features that I think you’ll enjoy. They include:

  • View your Netflix queue
  • Browse movies by genre, top 100, new titles, etc
  • View your history and recommendations
  • Add movies to your queue
  • Remove movies form your queue
  • Move movies to the top of your queue
  • Browse “watch now” movies


I’ve read that some people run into issues when they try to view the “Watch Now” movies full screen which is something that shows this plug-in is still in beta and still has work to be done.  Other than that, there’s been more praise than complaints from people who think it’s absolutely amazing. The developer has done some great work so far and it’ll be interesting to see how he fine-tunes it over the next several months to make it even better.

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