Watch Out PayPal, Google Checkout Has Been Released!

Google has finally made their move and released Google Checkout for everyone to try. If you are getting ready to purchase something you may want to check this out first because they have a lot of stores giving $10 off of a $20 purchase! Hey, anything to save a little money right?

I haven’t tried to purchase anything with it yet but I’m sure that I will soon. It took me 2 minutes to setup my account and start browsing the large amount of stores that are already equipped with Google Checkout. Some of the big names include Jockey,, Zales, and Levi’s.

From looking through the tour it seems like they are trying to use a system similar to’s one-click checkout. Here is a quick video that they put together to demonstrate how it works, and remember, it is all in the speedy little shopping cart!

Come on, you gotta admit that the movie was a little funny with the animations.