CyberNet User Looks like the other day we had our 1,000th user register! The user who put us into the 4-figure mark was “thanhduy3b” and we’re very excited to have hit this milestone! At the time of this writing we actually have 1,024 users and it looks like we get around 5 new registrations each day.

We’re very excited to see the community growing and our CyberMarks bookmarking system (only for registered users) is really starting to take off as well.  There was 220 articles that were CyberMarked since the feature’s original release, which corresponds to a 3-month duration. However, just two weeks ago we added the sidebar module for the CyberMarks system so that it is even easier for you to keep track of your recent CyberMarks. Since that time we have had an additional 160 CyberMarks bringing us to a grand total of 380! That’s quite an insane jump! If you’re a registered user and you’re logged in you can start using the CyberMarks immediately, and don’t forget to checkout the management screen to see what the top-5 most CyberMarked articles are. Right now the list consists of these 5:

  1. CyberNotes: 10 Firefox Extensions to make you more Productive
  2. Super Is the Ultimate Video Converter
  3. CyberNotes: The Best Bookmarklets for your Browser!
  4. CyberNotes: CyberNet’s Updated Guide On Firefox 2 Tweaks
  5. OneLook: Amazing Online Dictionary With Reverse Lookup

In other stats it also looks like this will be post number 2,250 and across all of the posts we have a combined 10,250 comments. Thanks to everyone who shares their opinions in the comments and sends us tips! We think this is going to be a really great New Year! :D