Last week we covered an amazing free application called Weather Watcher, and it’s hands down my favorite way to keep up with weather developments on my Windows computer. When it comes to Mac’s I think most people stick with widgets to do the weather watching, but a free app called WeatherDock might be just what the doctor ordered.

Once you breeze through the download and get it added to your Applications folder you’ll be all set to get it running. The first thing you’ll notice is an icon that will immediately appear in your dock showing off the current weather conditions. Don’t be deceived though… there are a lot of preferences you can configure by right-clicking on the Dock icon.

WeatherDock is capable of displaying not only in your Dock, but also in the Menu bar across the top of the screen. The information shown in both locations can of course be configured to your liking. As you can see from the screenshot above the Dock icon lets you add or remove as many badges as you would like, and choose where they are positioned on the icon. Badges for things such as the wind speed, future conditions/temperatures, and more are all available. Cool, huh?

Don’t worry, there’s no need to try and cram all kinds of detailed stats into the small Dock icon. If you want to see things like a 10-day forecast, humidity, sky conditions, and more you’ll just need to open up the main window. There you’ll have all the weather info you’re little heart could desire!

Get WeatherDock for Mac