Free Layouts I just found a site called Free Layouts that has a lot of amazingly useful tools for Web developers. The selection of tools and templates are among the best that I have seen so I highly recommend that you bookmark this if you do, or plan to, create a website.

One of my favorite parts about the site are the wonderfully designed templates that they have available. Most of them look very clean and professional but what is even more important is that they are free. They don’t just have the HTML templates either…checkout their great selection of free Flash templates (some of which have been downloaded 100,000+ times).

If you are a MySpace user you’ll find a complete section of layouts and backgrounds that will give your profile a fresh new look. If you really want to dazzle up your profile then use the generators that they provide to add things like an LED scrolling sign or glittery words.

Lastly, they have an awesome selection of other generators and tools that will come in handy when creating a masterpiece. Most of them are used to create navigation bars that look professionally designed and they can be graphics-based or be purely designed using HTML/CSS. You can also make several different Flash objects (navigation bar, drop-down menu, etc…) using some of the other generators that they provide.

It has been a long time since I have found a Web development site this good. In my opinion it ranks right up there with Dynamic Drive which has scripts for nearly everything that you could want. Free Layouts will make it that much easier for me to make a great looking site. I always love to say that the best things in life are free! :D