remote potato.pngI used to be a huge fan of WebGuide, but it seems that the developer joining Microsoft put an end to all updates. The bad news came when I couldn’t get WebGuide to work on my Windows 7 64-bit Media Center, and due to the lack of support I started looking for alternatives.

Unfortunately it was tough to find anything worthwhile, but one called Remote Potato looked promising. With very little effort I had Remote Potato up and running on my PC. It includes a Silverlight-powered interface as well as a HTML interface that is great for mobile devices. One nice thing about using the Silverlight interface is that all the animations are incredibly smooth, and overall things just seem more polished. The real benefit, however, is that you can stream shows directly from Windows 7 Media Center to the browser. You can watch all of your recorded shows from any computer that has Silverlight installed.

The only thing that takes a little time is setting up the guide for Remote Potato to use. I hope that at a future point this functionality will be included with the app, but in the meantime you have to use a third-party tool to accomplish the XML file creation that’s needed. Once you get that set up you’ll need to make it a scheduled task so that the file creation happens automatically. It’s not difficult, but it was something I had already grown accustomed to WebGuide handling for me.

Keep in mind that the general install (without the guide/scheduling capabilities) takes literally just a minute, and from there you’ll be able to start streaming shows. The TV guide set up will probably take an additional 15-20 minutes, but is time well spent.

If you regularly use Windows 7 Media Center I’d highly recommend checking out this app. This was enough to convince me to install Silverlight, which previously I never felt the need to do. I look forward to this getting better with future updates.

Remote Potato Homepage (Windows 7 Only; Freeware)