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I received a tip the other day from “S” who was letting me know that Webroot is giving away free licenses for their firewall software. This is for a limited time only, and I’ve already requested several licenses of it for myself. ;) All you have to do is fill out a form with your name, email, and so on. Within seconds of completing the registration you’ll receive a download link and product key in your email. That’s right, this $20 software is completely free, and it comes from the same company who makes the respected Spy Sweeper software.

I’m sure you’re wondering what I think of the Webroot Firewall. As you probably know it is pretty slim picking right now when it comes to free Vista firewalls. Previously we’ve taken a look at PC Tools Firewall Plus, Zonealarm, and an early release of Comodo 3. Comodo has always been my firewall of choice, but the final version isn’t due out until sometime in November.

I got Webroot installed on my machine today (big screenshot gallery at the end of this article), and the registration key that I was sent worked perfectly. The first thing that I noticed after installing it is that the interface is extremely clean and well organized. I didn’t feel overwhelmed, and most importantly it didn’t bombard me with messages to approve Internet access for my running applications. Why’s that?

From what I gather the Webroot Firewall learns from how you use the computer. It “automatically develops a baseline profile of your normal PC usage based on system variables such as CPU utilization, thread count, and others.” When there is any unusual activity going on you’ll be the first to know.

One of the other things that I like are the three configurable profiles that leave you just one-click away from changing your security settings. Maybe you want different settings when you have your computer at work as compared to home? Webroot makes that possible. You can even set it up to block websites, which might be just the thing you need when you’re at work and trying to be productive. ;)

Because of the sheer simplicity of the program I would say that this is a great application to use. I didn’t have to configure a single thing after getting it installed, and I was never bothered with annoying popups. When Comodo makes its way out the door in final form I’ll be sure to compare all of the free Vista-compatible firewalls, but until then I say that Webroot is the best alternative. But you better get your license key today because the deal may not be going on much longer!


  • Stealth Mode Feature
  • Email Protection
  • Advanced Packet Filtering
  • Malicious Process Blocking
  • Port Monitoring and Blocking
  • Custom Protection Profiles
  • Lock down your PC
  • File and Printer Sharing
  • Comprehensive Internet Activity Log


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Webroot FirewallFree for a limited time
Thanks to “S” for the tip!