Destroy the web

There isn’t a lot of stuff more geeky than playing a game in your browser who’s goal is to destroy elements on a webpage. That’s what the Destroy the Web extension for Google Chrome and Firefox does, and it is surprisingly fun.

Once you activate the game on a site you’ll have a few seconds to get your fingers ready to rapidly, but intelligently, click around to destroy the elements on a site. As you can see in the screenshot above your score will be calculated based on how many elements you’ve destroyed, and some elements give more points than others. Once your 30 seconds are up your score will be calculated and you’ll have the option to submit it to their leader board.

Here are some tips the developer provides:

  • Elements which have other visible elements inside, such as divs and tables, cannot be destroyed until their inner elements have been destroyed. Start by destroying the ones you think are the top.
  • Destroy elements of the same type consecutively to earn bonus combo points.
  • Different kind of elements give you different amounts of points, so watch out!
  • Don’t miss! 5 points are deducted when you do. Plus, you get a big bonus if you finish the game without ever missing.
  • Try to clear out the page completely: you’ll get extra points any seconds you have left when you do!
  • When an element is destroyed all other elements shift around. Try to predict where the other elements will move to and plan you next move. Also, some will be hidden but are still destroyable, so pay attention.

If you’re looking for a way to kill some time I’d say this is definitely an entertaining option. Give it a whirl on some of your favorite sites.

Destroy the Web for Google Chrome and Firefox