The usefulness of this site is definitely questionable but I think it is a cool concept as to what can be done using Flash and a web browser. Yep, WebSketch is almost a clone of the Microsoft Paint that comes with Windows. Okay, maybe not quite yet but it has several features that I was surprised to see.

You can do everything from changing the size of the tip of your pencil all the way to saving your beautiful creation. It doesn’t save the drawing to your computer though, instead it must be saving it to a database so that it is quick to retrieve. You will, however, have to remember the name that you saved it as because there is no “file browser” available.

As you can see in my screenshot above the color selector lets you also utilize transparency in the colors you choose. The thing that frustrated me the most was the inaccuracy of the color sliders. I actually wrote “CyberNet” in the blue color that you see selected, but it turned out to be more purple. Oh well, it’s not like this was going to be replacing Photoshop for me…but it is still cool to show people. :)