Creating a fresh looking website can be time consuming but Weebly aims to make the chore a little less daunting. This AJAX site creator is loaded with simplicity so much so that almost anyone could jump in and start using it. Placing elements on the page is as easy as dragging and dropping them where you would like them to appear.

I have created a quick test page here that demonstrates the ability to create multiple column layouts. I also threw an RSS feed reader widget on the page that retrieves the news from this site and which makes it easy for you to gather news from several different sources. There isn’t really any content on the page but I only spent 2-minutes putting it together (3-minutes if you include signing up).

It is nice to be able to publish the site to a subdomain that you can choose (ours is cybernetnews.weebly.com). That means you can test the service and analyze whether the templates (currently 19 are available and 6 are pictured above) are right for you. If everything goes smoothly and you really like the end result you can just download what Weebly generated as a single ZIP file.

Here is a video from the developers that demonstrates the capabilities and features of Weebly:

I see this service becoming popular for people who are just looking to post a profile, resume, or create a quick site for a work/school project. This service is sure to grow as more themes are made available.

Thanks for the tip Radu!