Here it is! Welcome to the completely new look at CyberNet. If things look a little crazy you need to clear your cache so that your browser will re-download our new stylesheets. You can do that by holding down the Shift key and clicking the reload button or by pressing Ctrl+F5.

So what is the biggest improvement? I’d have to say it is the liquid design which resizes the site to the width of your browser. I had a lot of problems getting that to work properly because I still wanted there to be a minimum width so that things are readable, but at the same time I wanted it to expand without any troubles.

I have tested the new design in Firefox, Opera, IE 7, Flock, and IE 6. It works great in all of those browsers with the exception of Internet Explorer 6. It has some trouble if your browser isn’t wide enough. This is because IE 6 doesn’t support the minimum width properly, and it doesn’t really like floating elements. That being said I would like to give kudos to the IE 7 development team because during the redesign process if I was able to get something to work in Firefox and Opera, it worked in IE 7 perfectly. It was IE 6 that was giving me troubles.

Are you having difficulties remembering what the old site looked like? Don’t worry, I took two screenshots of what things looked like before the transformation:

CyberNet Main Homepage:
 CyberNet Old Homepage


CyberNet Account Management Page:
CyberNet Old Account Management


Here is a list of everything else you might notice along your journey of playing with the site:

  • There is now a Login/Register box located in the far right sidebar above the Release Calendar. If you don’t see it then you must already be logged in! :D
  • The Login/Register screens have been skinned to match the rest of the site.
  • The Account Management screen now matches the rest of the site as well. You will no longer see the plain old WordPress management screen when viewing stats or editing your profile. We currently have more than 500 users so we hope all of you like the new look!
  • Do you hate scrolling in that tiny comment box? No problem! There are now two links located immediately above the comment box that let you Expand/Decrease the size of the field:
    Comment Box
  • Navigate our archives using the handy dandy calendar in the far right sidebar. If you didn’t get a chance to read the posts from any given day it is super easy to go back and read them.
    CyberNet Calendar
  • Do you want to get better at using keyboard shortcuts, but like most people get overwhelmed when looking at a huge list of them? I know I do. Now a Keyboard Shortcuts module in the first sidebar that I’ll be updating about 2-3 times a week. That way it will give you time to use that one shortcut before I present another. I Will be providing ones for various applications but I’ll always say what program they apply to, and the name will be hyperlinked to a location where you can find more of the shortcuts for that program. The sidebar will only show the last 5 shortcuts and then after that they will be on this archive page.
  • I don’t think I can even count the number of times that people ask which Firefox extensions I use. Now in the first sidebar there is a module where I list the extensions that I always install with every Firefox installation as well as the ones that I am still trying to see how much I use them. I have several different Firefox profiles that I use but these are the ones from my primary profile that I use more than 50% of the time.
  • Spam is a big problem on this site even with the mathematics spam protection that I use when non-registered users comment. When a legitimate registered user posts a comment and doesn’t see it appear right away, the first thought is that it didn’t work. Often times that is not the case and the problem is that my spam filter thought the comment was spam and was holding it until I approved it. Before now users didn’t know that is what happened so they would constantly retry posting just to have all of their comments caught.

    Now when you go to comment you’ll be notified with a warning between the last comment on the article and the comment box. It will only show up for registered users and this will appear on every article that you view until the comment has been approved or deleted by myself. To make the process go a little faster it provides a contact link so that you can send me a message saying that you have some comments in the spam filter…and then I will approve them. Here is what the warning would look like should you end up receiving it:
    CyberNet Spam Filter

  • Finally, there is the new logo that I personally created. It was pretty fun creating but the challenging part was making it using only vector-based graphics. That means I could resize it in seconds to be as big as I want it to be. Well, I ended up getting it to work out after many long hours and to demonstrate how clear the graphics look I put together some desktop wallpapers for just about every resolution that I know of. They just contain our logo with a plain white background: 

I’m sure most of you probably won’t be using the background images but they will always be there if you decide you would like to use them.

Hopefully everyone likes the new design and color scheme. Over the last few months I have received several emails saying that the orange was hard to read on the white background which is why we wanted to use more of a gold. I think it also gives the blog a cleaner look and seems much more appealing (I guess my opinion might be a little biased though).

I do still have some W3C things that I want to take care of so that the site will be standards compliant and I hope to be able to crush all of the problems in the coming weeks. It will take me some time though as I am a self-taught Web designer but everything works great in all of the browsers that I have tested. If you see any bugs please report them to me so that I can get them fixed. Most of all, enjoy the new design/features!