All of this week we have been working on a new site design and we’re just wondering if there is anything specific that you would like to see? As of right now the site will have a new look and include some nice new features but it won’t be so drastically different that you’re not going to recognize the site. We think it is important to keep the site recognizable but it was undoubtedly ready for a facelift.

When we made the site a little wider a few weeks ago there was some important feedback that we received and have done our best to implement everything that people wanted. As of right now (assuming we keep on schedule :) ) the new site will be launched next week on Thursday at 1:00AM Central Time. Before we complete the work and testing on the new design we just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t something that you really wanted to see. Shoot us your suggestions in the comments below or by using the contact form.

Some of the feedback that we receive now and then is to make the site load faster. Our new site will be heavily optimized and as of right now it loads almost twice as fast. That is pretty good considering we haven’t even gone through our CSS code with the intent of optimizing it yet.

This will also serve as a reminder that when you come to the site next Thursday you will definitely have to empty your cache because everything will look insanely crazy. That is because our CSS has changed quite a bit so things are going to be thrown all over the screen until your browser downloads our new CSS file. :)