WetPaint Makes Wikis Easy

WetPaint just launched and it allows people to create wikis about anything. Creating a wiki is super easy and you will receive a domain that looks like CUSTOM.wetpaint.com where CUSTOM is whatever name you choose that is still available.

TechCrunch created a wiki so that everyone can go and tinker around with the WYSIWYG editor that they have. That’s right, you don’t have to know the dreaded wiki code in order to create one of these bad boys! Some wikis, like the Xbox 360 is not openly available for editing. This is an option that you have when setting up your wiki: anyone can edit the wiki, only WetPaint members can edit the wiki, or only invited members can edit the wiki.

I would have to say that this wiki is really special because of the WYSIWYG editor. They have made it so simple for anyone to create a wiki and it is fun creating it. WetPaint has definitely created something special.

News Source: TechCrunch