Over the past two months our feed readers have continued to grow, and as a way of saying thanks to all of the subscribers we have started publishing images within the feed. We have received at least one email a week asking that we place the images in the feed so that users don’t have to jump to the site in order to see what we’re talking about.

The reason we were skeptical on this before is that Feedburner lists more than 50 sites that are using our feed to reproduce our content. We prefer to make all of our dedicated readers happy which is what pushed us to add the images. I also hope that this will spark more users to be intrigued with the stories and therefore add their comments.

Over the next few weeks Ashley and myself are going to kick it up a notch by adding a few new features as well as getting even more of your favorite news published. We have had a lot of requests to cover more gaming news (Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc…) so we are going to try and jump into that arena as well. Hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy the site and forum as we take both to another level.