A little over two weeks ago, Facebook Platform was introduced and third party applications started pouring in. It got quite the attention and buzz around the Internet, yet not a lot was said on Facebook itself. Once users started adding the applications however, they started spreading like wild-fire! If you use Facebook, you’ve had a few weeks to search through the growing list of applications and tinker around with some of them.  Any first impressions?

As of today, there are 235 different applications available.  Every day when I log-in to my account, there are always a decent amount of my friends who have added applications. It’s gone over a lot better than I had really expected it would, and there are several applications that have turned into instant hits like Top Friends, iLike, Fortune Cookie, and Horoscopes.


While I certainly underestimated how successful this would be, did Facebook underestimate it as well? Caroline McCarthy over at Webware pointed out rumors going around yesterday that Facebook had to sell 10 percent of their share so that they could purchase the servers to handle the increasing load. The rumor stemmed from an article that appeared in The Times (U.K. newspaper) that was later pulled. While that rumor remains exactly that, a rumor, there was something else that gave the indication that Facebook simply wasn’t prepared for the success of the F8 Platform.

Facebook viddyou adThe indication came from an add for ViddYou’s F8 application on Facebook. The ad said “Check them out! They loaned us servers to stay up!” ViddYou is a startup out of California focused on video-blogging, and it appears as though Facebook turned to a friend in a time of need for some help. Nothing wrong with that! Facebook got their servers, and ViddYou got some decent exposure to massive amounts of people.

With the growing list (which is nicely categorized by the way) of applications available, do you use any of them? Are there any favorites so far?