We’ve given away several invites to Joost now (thanks to several or our readers for giving their invites away), so for anybody who’s gotten to give it a try, what do you think of it?

After I installed it several weeks ago and used it a few times, I really haven’t felt the need to go back and use it. I’m not quite sure why.  Maybe if I were in a situation like at an airport with Wi-Fi and I wanted to watch something while waiting, this would come in handy. 

Maybe it’s the selection? They’ve added channels since the beta started, but I still find that the content is lacking some. The video content on demand is definitely nice, and I have to admit that it’s great to watch videos that are better in quality than other video services.

I’m still a bit under-whelmed with it all, but Ad companies sure aren’t. In fact, 32 big name advertisers have signed on and partnered with Joost. Names like Visa, Nike, and Intel are all showing their confidence in Joost.And seeing how popular the Joost invites have become, maybe it will be bigger than I thought?

Source: PCMag.com