Opera Browser Opera fans, users, followers, what would you like to “Ask Opera”?  Daniel Goldman over at Opera Watch who just happens to have joined Opera as a Technical Evangelist has started “Ask Opera.” They started this in hopes of making the company more open and transparent. The goal is to allow people to ask questions that they’d like to know about Opera. Daniel will take those questions and forward them to the appropriate person within the company who can get the question answered. From the sounds of it, anyone at Opera can potentially be answering your questions because, “No one in the company is off limits, even the CEO (I hope he’s okay with it, I didn’t speak to him about this yet).”

Daniel is hoping to have a new set of questions answered every few weeks. What a great idea! Wouldn’t it be nice if more software development companies offered this type of “open forum” to get questions answered? Of course, this isn’t to be a wish list, rather open ended questions that can be answered. If you have an Opera “wish,” you can add it to the wish list. If you have a question that you’d like answered, you can add it at the bottom of this post. It looks like there are already a few great questions.  What would you ‘Ask Opera’?