What do you want your Firefox to do?

Those who are loyal to Firefox know the potential and usefulness of customizing Firefox with extensions. Those who are new to Firefox may not know the potential, or may not know which extension would be most useful to optimize their use. Firefox extensions can save a lot of time, and can be incredibly useful tools! eConsultant has put together a list of 200 plus Firefox extensions that you may find valuable.

eConsultant organizes the list of extensions into a variety of categories with each starting with “I want to…”. Some of the categories include advertising, bookmarking, blogging, downloading, and email. There are many more categories that include a variety of extensions to optimize your Firefox use. The alternative is to spend endless hours searching the internet to find just the right extension. If you are a Firefox user, this is one page that is worth bookmarking!

View the complete Firefox extension guide: eConsultant