What Kind Of Laptop Could You Get For $3000...

The advertisement that you see above is from CompUSA … from the year 1994! Just when you feel like you are busting the bank to get that $600 laptop, think about how bad it was 12 years ago just to get a little portability. Just browsing through the advertisement is quite an amusement especially when you get to the page with the $60 two-button mouse! Here are some of the other ‘deals’ in the ad that should not go unmentioned

  • $600 1GB Hard Drive
  • $280 28.8Kbps Modem
  • $480 Soundblaster 16 Sound Card
  • $100 Mac Extended Keyboard
  • $400 270MB External Hard Drive
  • $200 4MB Memory Upgrade

Oh yeah, and make sure that you don’t forget about those Packard Bell computers!

Complete CompUSA Gallery: flickr