Have you ever wondered what makes (a popular online electronics store) function so smoothly? Newegg brings in over $1 billion in sales each year, has more than 1200 employees located around the globe, stocks over 60,000 different products, and fulfills 25,000 shipments each day. There is no way that they would be able to keep up if they didn’t have a smooth operation going on behind the scenes.

AnandTech has a ton of images from Newegg’s facility in Los Angeles, California as they walk you through the 180,000 square foot warehouse. It’s not quite as big as their new Tennessee warehouse which is a whopping 300,000 square feet, but it is still a site to see. I’m not quite sure why but the box maker is probably one of my favorite images (pictured in the bottom-right above).

Newegg has such an amazing reputation because they offer quality service that surpasses any other electronics retailer. Their prices are often the lowest around and anytime I have had a problem they are always quick to fix it, even if it requires returning the item. One time I had purchased something (I think it was a mouse) and the next day it dropped by $10. When I contacted them they said that they would go ahead and return the difference back onto my credit card. Most online stores would have just said “too bad” but Newegg really cares about their customers and wants to give an unforgettable experience that will bring you back to buy more.

There is just so much that goes on behind the scenes at Newegg that all of the images left me in awe…then after finishing the article I sat here thinking about what a great shopping spree that would be if I got inside of the warehouse. ;)

News Source: AnandTech [via Digg]