Software Popular Sites

Have you ever wondered what software powers sites like YouTube, Flickr, and MySpace? Wonder no more because Pingdom has the scoop! The results are located in the table above, and as you can see Linux, Apache, and MySQL are among the most popular tools. In the end this is how the stats play out:

OS: Linux 7 – Windows 2
Web server: Apache 7 – IIS 2 – Lighttpd 2
Scripting: PHP 4 – Perl 4 – ASP.NET 2 – Python 1 – Java 1
Database: MySQL 7 – SQL Server 1

The stats were compiled from a site called High Scalability who has assembled several posts relating to the architecture of large sites. Wikimedia (the platform Wikipedia runs on) is among the most impressive profiles that they’ve done in my opinion. It said that they receive 30,000 HTTP requests per second, and have upwards of 350 servers being managed by just 6 people. I knew Wikipedia was big, but that’s pretty darn insane!

PlentyofFish was another interesting profile that they did. It receives 30+ million hits everyday, and it only needs 2 web servers and 3 database servers to run smoothly. What’s even more impressive is that everything they serve up is dynamic…yep, none of it is static. Who would have thought?