What We Can Expect With Firefox 2

Firefox 2.0 is a very much anticipated build with all of the features we have been told it is going to have. The most popular change that everyone expected with Firefox 2.0 Alpha 1 was the user interface design. Unfortunately, this was not in this build and hopefully we will see some changes on May 9 when Firefox 2.0 Alpha 2 is released.

It is always interesting to see what the current progress of Firefox 2 is, and now they finally have a requirements page up which lists what they are planning to release with each build. Besides for the next Alpha 2 release, we can also expect to see a Beta 1, Beta 2, and then the final release.

I have been looking through the requirements page and here are the interesting points I thought were really notable:

  • Alpha 2 – Some session restore features should be present.
  • Alpha 2 – Spell-as-you-type functionality for text fields.
  • Alpha 2 – Ability to subscribe to feeds using client application or web service.
  • Alpha 2 – Improved extension management experience to simplify tasks of adding, removing, updating, disabling and configuring extensions.
  • Alpha 2 – Ability to manage the search plugins.
  • Alpha 2 – Heuristic in-browser phishing protection that provides warnings.
  • Beta 1 – Improved memory usage.

As you can tell they are trying to implement the new features of Firefox 2 before the next Alpha is released. Looks good so far…keep it up Mozilla!

Firefox 2 Requirements Page