Google/Yahoo Homepage

When Yahoo redesigned their homepage I have to say that they did a lot of things right. They made it so that their news and services were brought to your fingertips without having to traverse a lot of pages to find what you were looking for. They did it in a fashion that looks not only slick, but also unique.

So what would happen if Google was the one who created the homepage with that exact same layout? You don’t have to wonder anymore because GoogleWatch made a mockup of the homepage that has been Googleized (pictured above). It has everything from quick access to your email all the way to featured movies from Google Video and YouTube.

Now we also can’t forget the quick access to your Google Reader items at the bottom or a nice listing of the popular Google services on the left side. After I saw this mockup it actually made me wish that Google really created something like this. Sure they have their Personalized Homepage where people can add Google Reader news and their Gmail Inbox, but it doesn’t look nearly as nice as this. Something like this could be a nice step in the right direction for bringing all of the Google services together.

Am I the only one who thinks the layout and design of the items above is pretty nice? Throw some pictures up there from your own (and your friends) Picasa Web Albums and I think it would be all set!

View larger screenshot of the Google homepage with Yahoo’s layout