Google Fridge Matt Cutts, a Google employee, pointed out a site that has a list of things they would like to see from Google. The list has 16 items on it and many of them are respectable requests. Here are a few that I agree with the most:

  • Give us a better mashup – We want a genuinely easy to use Google Mashup! We want a Google home page where we can drag and drop RSS feeds, our Google mail box, weather forecasts, notebooks, our online image account, and any kind of widget we can think of.
  • Buy a good bookmarking serviceThe Google Bookmarks service doesn’t really work, does it?
  • Give us real numbers – We would really like to know how many sites are linking to us, but your link command is totally unreliable. We know, because Yahoo! sometimes reports 1000 times more links than you do, and we doubt that’s due to a larger database.
  • Spend millions on click fraud research – Please do not let click fraud undermine your ability to deliver a good search engine.
  • Give us a well functioning Gdrive – We are very grateful for your generous Gmail accounts, which are well suited to storage hungry power users like ourselves.

There are 11 more items in their list so you should definitely go and check them out. One thing that I would love to see the most is something that all of us really want: integrated services. We want Google to bring all of their services together in a fashion that makes them easier to use. If they really want to blow the competition out of the water they should make some sort of offline Google application that connects you with all of their services. That way you could manage and read your Gmail, Calendar, Notebook, News, and more whether you are connected to the Internet or not.

Obviously the GDrive is something else that I would truly love to see which could also be thrown into the “universal” Google application that I talked about above. Out of curiosity what would everyone else like to see Google do next…and then I’ll take your recommendations and make a poll this weekend.