leaving yahoo.jpgWhat’s going on inside of Yahoo? That’s the big question of the day after learning that multiple people have left, or will be leaving Yahoo shortly. To give you a few examples, Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake, the husband and wife co-founders of Flickr are leaving. Joshua Schacter, the founder of much-loved Delicious is leaving at the end of June, and a whole list of executives are set to depart the company as well, if they haven’t left already. Vish Makhijani is one of those executives who was the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Search, and Brad Garlinghouse who’s over Communications and Communities including Messenger, Mail, Groups, Flickr, and Zimbra, is leaving as well. The names we listed a just a few examples, the list is much longer and Yahoo is losing a lot of talent.

So what’s going on over there? Are people upset because the Yahoo-Microsoft deal fell-through? We thought we were on to something when we read an article over at PC World talking about Yahoo’s plans to reorganize. Yahoo says they want to centralize their various product groups and improve communication among everybody. Is this why people are leaving? According to Yahoo, it’s not. CNET talked to Yahoo about some of the recent departures and they said that it didn’t have anything to do with reorganization, instead, “People are making personal decisions.”

Something is clearly going on inside Yahoo for so many of their executives to leave. TechCrunch points out that all that’s left as far as executive talent goes is Jerry Yang (CEO) and Sue Decker (Yahoo’s President). Both of those individuals have come under heavy fire recently with Yahoo investor Carl Icahn who is hoping to oust the entire Yahoo Board of Directors. It was just a week ago that Icahn sent a letter to Yahoo telling them that they should offer to sell to Microsoft for $34.375 per share and if Microsoft declined, he would push a deal with Google.

All of these departures have fans of Yahoo and their various services (like Flickr and Delicious) a little nervous over what’s going to happen in the future. In general, I think people are concerned for the future of Yahoo, and they should be…

Thanks for the tip Omar!