microsoft ad campaign.pngSome of you have probably seen some bits of information on the web over the last day about Microsoft canceling the Bill Gates/ Jerry Seinfeld ad campaign to focus on a “new” campaign. The new campaign was said to be less “ambiguous” and use a John Hodgman look-alike (the PC guy in the Get a Mac ads) to provide “to-the-point” messages to viewers about Windows Vista.

This might sound like a good plan for those of you who are still confused as to what’s going on with the Gates and Seinfeld ads, but in the big scheme of things it does not make sense. Why would Microsoft drop an ad campaign that they just started? As it turns out, Microsoft is not dropping the whole Gates and Seinfeld campaign, but there is some truth to the idea of using a John Hodgman look-alike.

Gizmodo got in contact with the Marketing firm heading-up the Microsoft campaign, Crispin Porter, and they found that the Gates/Seinfeld ads will continue to air. Along with those ads, they will be working on new “I’m a PC” advertisements. These ads will be what you could consider “anti-Mac” ads, something that Microsoft probably needs at this point, and will use the John Hodgman look-alike.

From our perspective, their slight shift in focus might help them get to where they need to be. While the ads that feature Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld are getting people talking, they are causing people so say “huh?” a little too much. More direct “I’m a PC” ads would probably suit their cause a little better.