What's New Since Vista Beta 2We are just two weeks away from the expected release of Vista RC1 (Release Candidate 1) and the Vista team is letting us know what has changed since Beta 2. The list of changes is actually quite long but is broken up into different “categories” to make it easier to follow. Here are some of the changes that I liked the most:

  • ZIP and CAB files are now sorted with files instead of with folders in Windows Explorer.
  • No UAC elevation when connecting to a wireless connection.
  • The Network Explorer has a number of changes that will help with device discovery. It also features default icons for a number of network device classes such as media players, Xbox, projectors, etc.
  • The Network System Tray is now easier to see and has been changed to give more ‘clickable area’ around the icon itself
  • Deleting a shortcut from the desktop will no longer require elevation for administrators. (THANK GOODNESS!)
  • ‘Set Focus’ work has been done so that UAC prompts from applications running in the background do not interrupt users’ workflow. The users will instead see a blinking item in the taskbar in these situations.

That is just a very small list of what the Vista team has done to make everyone’s experience much better when they release Vista RC1 on August 15. There is a nice list of changes for the User Account Control (UAC) as well which were definitely needed. It took them long enough but they finally made it so people can delete a shortcut on the desktop with needing an administrator’s approval!