im feeling lucky You probably know what the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button does on Google’s Homepage, but do you think most of the people around you do? Probably not. A better question is, despite the fact that you know what the button does, do you ever use it? Clicking that button will automatically take you to the first web page returned for your query which could potentially save you more time, but according to the Washington Post, the button simply doesn’t get used. Google knows this too, in fact Melissa Mayer, vice president for search products at Google says that it gets used far fewer than even one percent of Google searches.

So why is the button there? Well, Mayer says “It’s part of our heritage.  It’s part of what users really like about us.” I’m feeling lucky was there from the start, and it’s not going anywhere soon. If the button were to disappear, Mayer says that there would be “mass protests worldwide.” Perhaps part of the reason the button stays is because it gives users a glimpse at Google’s personality? The Washington Post thinks so, they say “Google’s dedication to ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ underscores the strategic value the company places on the look of its home page and its emotional bond with users, a fundamental asset that trumps even the temptation to promote more services or run advertising there.”

The presence of “I’m Feeling Lucky” must be leaving an impression on people because a recent user study found that the button offers “a touch of whimsy and reassurance that the company doesn’t take itself too seriously even after growing into a multibillion-dollar behemoth.” Google is known for their simple homepage, and that button just adds to the simplicity. I’ve known what the button does, yet I don’t find that I use it, mainly because I usually like to look at the top results and see if the first one is really the source I’m looking for. Is the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button something that you ever use, and would you be disappointed if Google removed it?

Source: Download Squad