So, what’s the junk on your computer worth? You know, all of the “craplets” that are loaded on it before it gets delivered to your house if you purchased from an OEM? In other words, when companies like Dell install a bunch of useless ISP sign-ups or other programs, how much is all of that junk worth?

Notoriously, Dell has been placing crapware on computers.  Why do they do it? Well, it’s an issues of money.  They are paid by companies to have  software already installed on computers when they ship. If you’ve bought a computer from Dell or other such companies, you know what I’m talking about. And to make it worse, they don’t provide you with the operating system CD without having to pay for it.  Sure, you can restore the system, but it will be restored with all of the unwanted programs installed. I do wonder, how many times do you think AOL has been installed and uninstalled over time?

According to Ars Technica, one of their reps was at CES this week and sat down with Michael Dell to talk about this problem.  Dell asked the people participating in the conversation how much they were willing to pay to get a computer without all of the junk. Someone in the group said they’d pay $60 to get a clean computer, and Dell’s response? Sold!

If you’re wanting to buy from an OEM, either you’ll have to live with all of the crapware, or pay up! Another way to get around this dilemma is to just get the OS disk and do the clean-up job yourself.  Last December, Ryan actually posted an article, Get your Dell OS CD’s for Free, and explains how he went about getting the OS disk for a Dell Desktop that he’d purchased for free, and over-nighted to him. Yet another alternative is a program that will do it for you called PC Decrapifier. Give it a try. All of that junk is worth something, and you’ll end up paying for it one way or another.